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Diva Love Life blog was created for aspiring lovers, singles, and couples that want to spice up their love life! Ready to be taken off the market and meet your perfect match? Dating can be stressful. It can be hard to meet someone new and not knowing where to go to even start can be a pain.

Although some may like being single due to various reasons, there are a lot of women and men who would like to date or marry. The problem is they are not quite sure where to meet their special person or they are simply fearful of getting rejected. If you are seeking love you’ve come to the right place for tips.

Here are the top 5 ways to meet your special person:

1. Day Parties

Depending on the age range, get out for a drink, to hear music, or a bite to eat. You may bump into someone and catch each other’s attention. We live in California and many hotels, bars, and restaurants offer many day parties for all ages. If you are in other states, EventBright is a great resource for event locators.

2. Online dating  

woman sitting at computer

I know some may feel they want to meet someone in person. Online dating can be very useful if you are the type to get nervous talking to someone in person and want to ease into dating. This may be a perfect way to meet your match. Try Plenty of Fish, eHarmony, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, or even Tinder!

FYI – A lot of couples have met their lifetime partners online dating!!! It is totally normal now a days!

3. Speed Dating

man in yellow sweater speed dating

This is where you can go on multiple dates for small increments of 5-20 minutes. Yes that’s fast but at least you can see if a natural connection and no time is wasted. At the end of the night, if you both pick each other then you get their contact information.

4. Family/Friends

This may be a good choice if you want to be set up by someone who actually knows you and your interests. Being vulnerable and wanting love is ok! Voicing your wants, needs, and desires to someone who is close to you, may bring a lightbulb in their head if they come across someone who fits your criteria.

5. Work

woman shakes hand with coworker man in group meeting

I get it. You may not want to play where you eat. But, hey work is the place you spend most of your day. The place where you can really get to know someone’s personality, character, and simply see if they are genuine. 

Best of luck Divas! 

I hope you find this blog helpful. Just remember be yourself, have fun, and keep an open mind. 

Let us know in the comments if you have other tricks for meeting someone or how you met your current partner. We would love to hear your love stories and may get a chance to make our own!